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(Last known married name in parentheses)

57 remain missing as of

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"People don't change under governments.  Governments change.  People remain the same."

-Will Rogers

"If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?"

-Will Rogers


Albright, Joyce (Sandifer)

Anderson, Ina Merle

Ashlock, Johnnie

Atwood, Betty (Knox)

Bailes, Dolores (Reynolds)

Bakke, Kay

Bancroft, Barbara (Ellis)

Bates, Lloyd

Berry, Jim

Brown, David E.

Caldwell, Robert Guy Jr.

Canfield, Shirley

Clark, Pauline

Cousins, Darlene (Ash)

Davis, Barbara Ann (Corbett)

Dougherty, Lawrence

Farrow, Sandra

Gallo, Barbara (Hardeman)

Gearhart, Tish

Goins, Janice (Schooley)

Gossett, Betty

Johnson, Jerry

Johnston, Shirley (O'Dell)

Jones, Dorothy Lou (Bennett)

Jones, Sharon (Watkins)

Kerr, Raymond

Larsen, Karen (Fields)

Marrs, Judy (Kendzora)

McCorkle, Nancy (Johnson)

Meaghers, Lois (Hill)

Moore, June (Gonzales)

Moses, Helen (Farris)

Proctor, Judy

Ransdall, Sharon

Reed, Jackie (Woodward)

Revis, Gwen

Roberts, Sherman

Rose, Mary (Barnett)

Roseborough, Jean

Satterlee, Jeanne (Williams)

Smith, Barbara (Millard)

Smith, Glen

Smith, Nancy

Smith, Shirley (Gillis)

Snyder, Marguerite

Stokes, Ronald

Swartz, Carol Ann

Triggs, Jo Anne ((Franklin)

Van Meter, James

Walker, Judy Ellen (Link)

Walker, Rayburn

Wallace, Carolyn (Holland)

Wallace, David

Williams, Richard

Wilson, Mary

Wolf, Jo

Wood, Pat (Townes)


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