Will Rogers High School Class of 1956, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - 15th Reunion Photos

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15th Reunion Book photo

15th Reunion photo
Left to right, front row; Daila Davis, Sondra Ann (Foristell) Martin, June (London) Buskel, Jim Buskell,Phil Presse date (?), Jerry Cornelius, Karen Cornelius, Mrs. Stark (?), Bill Stark, & Nancy Chesebro'

Left to right, back row; Wally Davis, Mr, Martin (?), Jim Buskell, Phil Presse, Bill Stark, & Larry Chesebro'
  15th Reunion photo
Left to right, kneeling; Phil Presse, Tucker Harrison, ______?______, ______?______, Larry Chesebro', Marc Frazier, Jerry Kirkpatrick, Bill Wise (?), Ted Lane, ______?______, ______?______, Norman Dolph, & Bill Stark

Left to right, standing; ______?______, ______?______, ______?______, ______?______, ______?______, Betty (Griffin) McDaniel, ______?______, ______?______, Joyce Kirk, ______?______, Sondra (Foristell Martin, Harvey Rotman, ______?______, Jim Buskell, & Jerry Cornelius

15th Reunion photo


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